Use Ebuyers to just search eBay, or to set up a saved eBay search (or a few), so that you'll get an e-mail when a matching item is listed. Our saved search function is great for rarely listed items and 'Buy It Now's priced right. You'll have the edge on other interested buyers, having a chance to buy before they even know an item has been listed. An excellent bargain-hunting tool to add to your arsenal.

To use this tool:

1. Enter your search term(s) in the "Keywords" field.

2. (Optional) Select which Search Mode you want to use - Normal, Exact, or Misspelling.

3. Click on the "SEARCH" button located at the bottom left part of the search table.

That's it. After clicking the search button you'll be shown any items that match your search.

You can save the search from the results page by selecting a search frequency and clicking the "Save Search" button.

If there aren't any results for that search, try a related search. Maybe try searching for a brand-name of the item rather than the item itself.

Search eBay

Use letter, number, space, comma and these characters *, @, + only.

Use letter, number, space and comma only.

* You need to disable pop-up blocker as results are displayed in a a pop-up window.

If you get lots of irrelevant results, narrow down your search.

Come back to this search tool and enter a word(s) into the "Exclude Words" field. If you would like to enter more than one word, separate each one with a comma.

Next, repeat steps 1 and 2 and eBay results shown should now be fewer, with the words that you specified excluded.

If you click the box next to "Advanced Filters, you will have more options to further narrow down your search (price, distance to you, # of bids, seller, deadline). (If you're in misspelling search mode, the "Exclude" is the most useful filter and often needed for decent results).

Happy hunting!